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-I was just looking around that bar at the wake thinking… ‘it’s someone here, why can’t I see it?’ The longer it goes on, I’m just starting to suspect everyone.
-When you say everyone…
-Well… nearly everyone.

one of my favorite gestures that humans do is putting their hand(s) over their heart when they’re touched


David Tennant | in memory of the hair extensions


Shining so bright, he’ll get you flying (x)


I have no words to describe how excited I am about this series (x)



Katy Manning: Another thing about Jo’s character, which people forget, because people say the mini-skirts, the rings blah blah; but what people forget is that, Jo actually offered her life for the Doctor’s more regularly than anybody else. […] And that was her thing from virtually the beginning, was this absolute, you know… bond, to this figure that changed not only my life, but it changed Jo’s life.

Russell T Davies: Can I say, when I talk about how these things… shape your mind and make you who you are; I think the ending of The Daemons, when Jo stands in front of the Doctor and offers her life, it’s one of the most magnificent endings of a story I’ve ever seen. And that offer of sacrifice rebounds onto the Daemon which destroys him, I can remember being 7/8 years old watching that and literally being filled with a new thought. The joy of that sacrifice, and the bravery of that sacrifice, and the power of that sacrifice which destroys the villain. […] You must never forget what it was like when you were 7 or 8, when that is life changing, and a lesson as well actually, about how to live your life.

Katy Manning: Yeah! Cos she was a very young girl! I mean it wasn’t like somebody elderly [offering their life]… you know, this was a very young girl. And that I think shows her passion and her love for the Doctor.

also can we talk about how all the background and summary and whatever up to this point just said that he was wrongly accused of a murder and is now playing a cat and mouse game for the sake of his family but in that video it turns out that it was HIS OWN WIFE’S MURDER???? i will not be able to handle that, it was bad enough with the escape artist

Anonymous asked: Your blog, dude. I should've gone to bed an hour ago. This is love.

you’re so sweet, thank you! :)



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are you ever just hyperaware of your internal organs?